What’s a Pharmacist’s Role in Cannabis Dispensing & Counseling?

Cannabis Dispensing

Although many aspects of medical cannabis dispensing are still unclear, no one can deny the role of a pharmacist. A medical marijuana pharmacist perhaps plays the most important role in dispensing medical marijuana. Pharmacists should possess definite knowledge and skills. It will help patients manage the use of marijuana in a better way. A pharmacist needs to counsel and manage a patient’s need to use marijuana. Apart from this, a pharmacist should possibly have definite knowledge to provide every patient with a clear insight into the use of medical marijuana.

Nowadays, patients regularly reach pharmacists in order to understand the different uses of medical marijuana. Since the number of medical cannabis patients is increasing every year, a pharmacist’s interaction is becoming pivotal. A survey confirms that patients are always looking to get an opportunity to speak with pharmacists regarding cannabis.

Role of a Pharmacist in Determining Cannabis

The first and perhaps the most important task of a marijuana dispensary pharmacist is to determine the right cannabis dosage. Since most effect of cannabis is individualized, determining the right dosage is a must. Pharmacists should help patients with the required guidance and support and also help them understand the dosage strategy.

Here’s what a pharmacist should do:

  • Determine the goal of medical marijuana and help patients understand what cannabis means

  • A pharmacist should help patients understand the difference between THC and CBD.

  • He should further elaborate on the difference between state and federal laws associated with cannabis.

  • A pharmacist should be able to describe the difference between the medical and recreational use of marijuana.

  • Should describe different dosages of cannabis.

  • Should provide patients with a definite insight into the side effects of medical marijuana.

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