General and Compounding Pharmacy- Few Crucial Things to Know

Compounding Pharmacy

A Compounding Pharmacy is one of vital parts of people these days. However, many do not even know the different types of pharmacies working out there. The two most popular pharmacies are general and compounding pharmacies. Listed below are a few important pieces of information that you must know.

Role of a Pharmacist

Pharmacists Can Also Be Called Doctors

Ideally, we never call pharmacists doctors. Instead, what we do is call them by their name when we visit any local apothecary. However, the truth is they are real doctors. Moreover, every candidate should have Pharm.D. degree when appearing for the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy examination. Whether you want to work in the general pharmacy or compounding pharmacy in Oklahoma, it is important to clear the examination.

Most Pharmacists Are Women

Even though the majority is small, it cannot be ignored completely. As per one of the reports in Data USA, about 56.8 percent of the pharmacists in the State are female. Therefore, the count rises to almost 167,000 women, whereas the count for men is almost 127,000. When it comes to age, the required age for a female pharmacist is 39.9, and for men, it is 44.4.


They Can Administer Vaccines

Twenty-five years ago, only nine states in the USA let pharmacists immunize. However, today about 50 states, which includes Washington D.C. as well as Puerto Rico let pharmacists administer vaccines. Subsequently, it helped the citizens to stay updated with important immunizations, especially the seasonal flu vaccine.

They Can Handle Different Settings

Pharmacists are responsible for many things, especially behind the pharmacies in the retail pharmacies. While some teach in different universities, others connect with various pharmacy programs. Alternatively, some work in hospital pharmacies, helping physicians decide the right course for any patient.

Similarly, many are associated with manufacturing medications in the pharmaceutical industry. Some even work as consultant pharmacists, which is no doubt a great career option.

Difference between Compound and General Pharmacy

Compounding pharmacy specializes in general compounding and making customized medication. In the process of compounding, a pharmacist mixes different drugs for creating the best-fitted treatment for any patient.

If you suffer from migraine or chronic pain, a compound pharmacy is definitely a great option. With these pharmacies, you get various specialized services that ensure a patient is getting the required treatment.

However, when it comes to general pharmacy, you do not get the advantage of customizing drugs for the prescribed medications. Pharmacists working in the compound pharmacy have the freedom of altering the prescribed medication. Another notable difference is, compounding pharmacies can combine various medicines for patients.

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